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If you’ve stayed with us or are planning to stay with us, you’ll find out that we are proactive in asking for reviews from our guests. We’ll not tell you what to write or post. We’re not even going to require that you post a raving review (although we’ll be extremely happy if you do) if you’re experience with us wasn’t positive. We want your honest feedback.

Other hotels won’t get this proactive when it comes to soliciting reviews from their guests. So, why do we encourage our guests to post reviews about their stay at our hotel.

A Gauge of How We’re Doing
We take reviews really seriously because it serves as a barometer of how well we’re doing in terms of catering to the needs of our guests. This is why we always welcome not-so-positive feedback because it’s better that we know what we’re not doing right so we can improve on these points. You’re not only doing us a favor, but our future guests. It also gives us ideas on additional services that we can offer to make your stay with us more memorable.

Staff Accountability
How our hotel performs is the sum of the individual performances of our staff and members of our management team. When we solicit for reviews, we ask our guests to mention a specific hotel staff – either this person did a splendid job or the opposite. There’s no better way for us to evaluate our staff’s performance other than getting feedback directly from our guests. This way, we can incentivize those who perform well and help others improve.

Help Other Guests
For us, posting a review about our hotel or any other hotel for that matter serves a higher purpose – and this is to help other travelers make sound decisions when booking hotel accommodations. In the Internet Age, travelers rely on the experiences of other guests when making their booking decision. Your honest reviews will be your contribution to bettering the hotel experience of modern-day travelers.

Credit Where Credit is Due
And of course, we won’t be hypocritical and not mention that we ask our guests for their honest reviews to boost our hotel’s booking. Recent studies have revealed how almost 9 out of 10 travelers won’t book a hotel that doesn’t have a considerable number of reviews. Also, more than half of travelers said that online reviews significantly influence their booking decision.

At our hotel, we strive every day to deliver the best experience to our guests. We would rather that you tell other about our commitment to good service than tell the story ourselves.

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