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There’s no denying it – the world loves waffles! Every day, millions of people wake up looking forward to satisfying their insatiable waffle craving. There’s something about the fluffiness, crispiness, creaminess and overall yumminess of this breakfast staple that keeps the world coming back for more. In fact, we dedicate one day every year – August 24 – to celebrate National Waffle Day!

At Quality Inn Daytona Speedway, we know how our guests love freshly cooked waffles in the morning, which is why we have a waffle station in our breakfast buffet. Aside from having customized waffle the way you want it, you also get to share this fun breakfast activity with your friends, kids and family.

Sondra, our friendly Guest Services agent shows you how to make an amazing waffle with bacon. 
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Every household has its own waffle recipe, but there are a few unbreakable rules that you should follow when making waffles.

1. Use Just the Right Amount of Batter
Too little batter will produce unsubstantial waffles while putting in too much will cause a huge mess. At Quality Inn Daytona Speedway, you can always ask our staff how much batter you need to put in. If you’re doing it at home, make sure you read your waffle iron’s manual and if you can’t find the suggested batter amount, you can always start with little batter and gradually increase until you get the amount of batter that would produce that perfect waffle.

2. Make Sure the Waffle Iron is Hot
Putting in the batter on a cold waffle iron will cause sticking. Make sure you preheat the waffle iron and that it has reached the recommended temperature before pouring in your batter.

3. Don’t Over Stir Your Batter
While waiting, you might get tempted to beat your batter over and over. Don’t! This will cause the air pockets in your batter to collapse, which will eventually make your waffle flimsy and crumbly. Also, don’t over-mix your batter because it will make your waffle chewy instead of light and fluffy.

4. Wait for the Waffle Iron to Beep
Don’t rush a good waffle. Always wait for the waffle iron to beep before opening the lid. If you lift it too early, your waffle may not be fully formed and your waffle can be ripped into pieces. Just be patient for a couple more minutes and wait for the waffle iron to beep.

5. Be Creative with Your Waffles
Waffle making should be fun! Don’t be scared of experimenting with different toppings and waffle variations. Of course, you can always go for the classic combinations such as whipped cream and syrup, banana, strawberries and other fresh fruits, and chocolate chips. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can try savory flavors with your waffle. Make a sausage and egg waffle sandwich, or incorporate bacon bits with your batter. There’s really no right or wrong version as long you enjoy every bite of your creation.

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